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Just using the free version, going through my usual new downloads and updates on a clean Windows install, and noticed Thunderbird came back with an error that it couldn't download the file. The error is as follows:

Failed to get download information for Mozilla Thunderbird 102.15.0 (x64) Download URL: http://download-installer-origin.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/thunderbird/releases/102.15.0/win64/en-US/Thunderbird%20Setup%20102.15.0.exe

When I looked at Thunderbird's website, the latest release listed is 115.1.1. This is a large upgrade though and is only available currently as a direct download from their website and NOT as an upgrade from previous 102.x versions. The latest 102.x version listed is 102.14.0 though they say 102.15.0 will be available tomorrow, which is weird that you already had it programed to download today.

In any case, it's kind of a weird situation. If we just wait a day or two, then it'll probably fix itself. But then it's technically not the latest version since that's 115.x. BUT, if you make 115.x available, it will NOT upgrade previous 102.x versions of Thunderbird already installed on computers (at least not yet, that will come later they say). So... what to do?

So this is maybe more of an FYI than anything? Thanks for your help.
Hello again,

I don't know exactly which version this started with, but it was a while ago. Every time I run this software, I almost always expand the size of the window using the bottom-right corner. I like to see everything I can and it makes choosing software to install easier as I don't have to scroll as much.

The problem is the behavior changed and now the left pane (the list/checkboxes of software) does not automatically resize when the window is enlarged. It used to before and the right pane (where it gives the status of the Downloading and Installing software) still expands and works fine. But it's annoying as I can only see a small portion of the software list instead of a large portion (and thus less scrolling).

Again, just a minor thing, but I figured I would bring it up anyway as it worked before. Thanks.  :)

I use the free version of PatchMyPC regularly and I've noticed a weird thing on the past few versions. Intermittently (randomly on various different computers) after it scans the PC and I select a few additional programs I want and click on the button to start the updates, it will proceed, but then sometimes, out of the blue, just stop after one of the program updates. It completes whatever program it was on, and then just stops, like I clicked on the Cancel Updater button, even though I didn't touch the machine (I leave the computer alone and let it do its thing while it updates). I've even had it do it multiple times in a row after I clicked start updates twice to restart it after it stopped.

I thought it was maybe because I was moving the mouse outside of the program window or moving it off of the main update button or something, but it doesn't seem to matter. It still happens at weird times, and sometimes on some machines, sometimes not at all.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or somewhere the cursor needs to be when updating so it doesn't get interrupted? It's annoying to start the process (which can take a long time depending on internet connection and number of programs selected), walk away or do other work without paying attention, and then come back and have it only completed 2 of 30 when it had plenty of time to do them all. I work on several computers at a time every day and want to get them out the door before more come in, so it's just the waste of time that bothers me is all. Otherwise, the software is awesome and I praise everything you do with it.  :)

Thanks for your help.

I'm so glad that you finally got the latest version of AVG on the list, but unfortunately, it's not the free version. When it gets to the install, it asks for a license number (for AVG Internet Security) but still allows you to continue if you select the free trial of Internet Security. This isn't that big of a deal, as once that's installed, you can go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel, 'Change' AVG and tell it to switch or downgrade to the Free version, but it's just extra steps and time when it shouldn't be.

Is there anyway this can be fixed? Thank you!
I've seen this on at least 5 different computers in the past few days now. Just wanted to let you know.


Thank you for such a wonderful little program. But I noticed in the latest update that Defraggler has suddenly disappeared! I use this tool all of the time on computers I work on every day and Defraggler is one I always install. Is there something wrong with the latest version of the software or did Piriform ask to remove it (but not CCleaner) or what? Just curious as I'm sure there are others who would like it back as soon as possible.  :-)

Thank you.

I've noticed these issues for a while now and figured I'd finally chime in about them. Chrome and CDBurnerXP for the past few weeks (at least) haven't worked right at all. The Chrome download file is way too small and gives an immediate error when it tries to install. CDBurnerXP seems to download fine, but it either goes to a black command prompt which goes nowhere and does nothing (seems to happen mostly on Windows XP machines), or it complains that the version is not 64-bit compatible and thus can't install. 7zip installs fine, but unfortunately it's only the 32-bit version you are installing. So if I install it on a 64-bit machine, I can access it through the Start Menu but it will not show up in any context menus which is where I primarily use it from.

If it will help, here are the download links that I personally use (with a program called Ketarin) to get the latest versions of each of the files. These files install with no problems on any machine I've tried (Windows XP through 8, 64-bit or not).

*7zip is the exception as I use FileHippo to get the latest version through Ketarin. But note that the 64-bit version is an .msi file instead of a .exe

Google Chrome: https://dl.google.com/tag/s/appguid%3D%7B8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96%7D%26iid%3D%7B74DFD8C5-C533-9EFB-DFB3-5338F28CAEC1%7D%26lang%3Den%26browser%3D2%26usagestats%3D0%26appname%3DGoogle%2520Chrome%26needsadmin%3Dtrue/update2/installers/ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe

*that link gets Chrome in English language, no usagestats selected/opted, and forces it to require admin rights (UAC prompt - it won't work if it doesn't have this I've found).

CDBurnerXP: http://download.cdburnerxp.se/minimal/f21a7a5a0ade799620cf03c3bd3ab0f2/536bc1f5/cdbxp_setup_4.5.3.4746_minimal.exe

*that link will vary due to the randomized numbers in there, and it's the minimal install so it doesn't include the extra OpenCandy crap. It's the 32-bit version that is also 64-bit compatible.

If PatchMyPC can be updated with the appropriate fixes so I don't have to manually install these programs all of the time, that would be great!  :-)

UPDATE: Also, though I know at this point there's nothing to be done, but MalwareBytes is still on the 'old' version and not the new 2.0 version (which I dislike). But from what I've read, there's no command-line arguments yet for it to be installed, but maybe I'm wrong. I can handle this as an exception for now though. The ones above would be nice if updated though.  ;-)

Thank you.
For me and what I continually use, the addition of the following would be great:

AVG Free (command line install: http://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=195786#post_195786)
K-Lite Codec Pack Full (command line install: http://codecguide.com/silentinstall.htm)