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Bug? is super slow to drag the window around my screen.

Started by xenon2000, September 30, 2020, 11:57:01 AM

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Not sure if this is a bug. I can't find anyone else experiencing this.

I have been using this a long time and the latest auto update gave me version and it runs fine and works. But noticed that when I go to drag the window around my screen, it moves super slow. But all my other app windows are instant. I noticed an Nvidia driver update available for my GTX 1070 so I did that and rebooted.. same thing, still slow for just this app window. Windows 10 build 2004 fully up to date.

Has anyone else seen this before?


I checked a few computers and looks like it also affects the previous 4.1.x version as well. BUT, I also found out that it is only happening on my Nvidia GPU systems and not on my AMD GPU systems. So some kind of issue between the Nvidia drivers and this single app as no other app windows are slow to move on the screen. I will also check the Nvidia forum as it is affecting the latest drivers as well as a previous driver but only happened recently. Very curious why it would only affect the PatchMyPC app.


Same issue here on Windows 10 x64 2004, Patch My PC and NVIDIA drivers 457.30

Graphics card is a Quadro M600M

Interestingly, this same issue used to occur on Microsoft Office 2016 apps for years, but was fixed at some point in the recent past.


same here, but found a real fix:
switch your mouse polling rate to 125 "whatever utility it came with"
i have a razer mouse switched no more slow moving windows.


I also have this bug. changing mouse polling avoids it.
This bug is not only in patch my pc. i've seen it in other programs and the solution is the same.
The new Paint on Windows 11 has this very same issue.

I made two videos to demonstrate the problem:


Try checking for background tasks and app compatibility modes. If it's a specific app, contact their support for help.


Have you tried checking the app's settings to see if there's anything related to window dragging or performance you can tweak? It might be worth a shot. Also, make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date, not just the Nvidia ones.