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No Log Files From Application Update

Started by Eddie78701, August 27, 2022, 10:36:25 AM

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On the Updates tab of the Publisher v2.1.6.0 I right-clicked on "All Products" and selected "Manage Installation Logging".  I then checked the box to enable logging during the installation of this update and accepted the default path of C:\Windows\ccm\logs\PatchMyPCInstallLogs.  I setup this when I did the initial install of the product days ago.  Now I am testing updating for the first time for Adobe Reader and while scratching my head at the reboot issue I am seeing, I thought I would look at the logs to see what was seen during patching.  But there are no logs in the folder specified...the folder itself does not exist.  Since I have seen the reference to saving this file to a computer share, plus just logic of the path, I am assuming this should be on the endpoint and NOT the SCCM server.  So should I not have a folder named PatchMyPCInstallLogs on the endpoint with atleast one log file that I can tie back to the patch being installed for Reader?

I also checked the verbose option, ran a sync inside the publisher, setup a new deploy and there is no change...still no logs whatsoever in the folder specified.  If I look at https://docs.patchmypc.com/get-help/log-reference-guide I do not see any reference to this folder...so this is just really puzzling.

Wes Mitchell

Hi Eddie
  We allow you to set options Globally at the All Products level but that doesn't mean that the code from the vendors installer file will allow all of those options.  Adobe is one of those vendors that doesnt give us those options.RemoteDesktopManagerFree_yfO5VPZpPb.png