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More of an observation than a question. But I noticed in my PMyPC console that Plantronics Hub EXE has a manual download icon next to it, but it looks like it is getting downloaded and updated on its own.
This is one of the improvements that we have already done in the next version of the home updater :) And it will be available soon!
Patch My PC appears to rename the installation files it downloads. Although the names given often provide more clarity regarding what the file is (at least as compared to the filename when the file is manually download from its site -- i.e., "Notepad++ 8.6.8 (x64).exe" vs "npp.8.6.8.Installer.x64.exe"), I'd like to request that an Option be added to the program, so that it will maintain the file's original name when it is downloaded. Many thanks!
We should have it in the catalog today, however Plantronics has moved the installer behind a paywall, so unfortunately, we are switching this product to a local content product today: https://patchmypc.com/local-content-repository-for-licensed-applications-that-require-manual-download

I'm getting notification from application about new update - "Plantronics Hub 3.25.54307.37251"
It's MSI version installed on my machine.

When are you planning add it to the catalog?
Hi Jeff,

We have Tableau documented on our known issues page, which you can see here.

Tableau recently started to block scripted downloads, and for the meantime requires the use of the local content repository.

Hope to have helped!
The link you shared solved my problem thank you so much.
So I cannot figure out how to attach images, but we have both of those boxes ticked and I have 7 versions. 2 of which have no version numbers. All x64. Also, the 2nd from the latest version shows revision is at 48. Is that a lot? From the non-numbered, there are only 2. One is Edge 124.0.2478.51 (the one with 47 revisions), the other is 125.0.2535.79. The remaining 5 have version numbers between 120.0.2210.144 and 125.0.2535.67.
Quote from: storm-warning on June 03, 2024, 08:14:08 AMAny update on this? The link provided contains the installer needed for this to be updated.

Hey storm-warning,

The VMWare products have been switched to require a manual download.
Local Content Repository for Applications that Require Manual Download

Despite the software being publicly available for download, the vendor now provides the installers in a compressed format.
The PMPC Publisher does not yet have the ability to uncompress the files.

To get the software successfully published, you will have to manually download the installer, extract it from the archive and place the installer in the local repository folder declared on the Advanced tab.
I have been receiving this error for a couple of nights now. I have confirmed that the link listed in the error does download the file. Not much else in the kb seemed to apply to what I am seeing. I thought I should report the issue in case there is something else at play. The log indicates the following:

An error occurred WebClient reported an error during download (https://downloads.tableau.com/tssoftware/TableauReader-64bit-2024-1-2.exe): The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. [System.Net.WebException] HResult: -2146233079

This error appears to be a known error. Please see our KB article https://patchmypc.com/digest-mismatch-download-filtered for the resolution. [Forbidden] The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

Thx, /jeff