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Cisco WebEx -> (Error 1638: Program already installed)

Started by Shahab, June 30, 2023, 02:12:10 AM

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Hi, both full installation and upgrade of WebEx to v43.5.026155 and nowadays v43.6.0.26407 on clients which had previous version of Cisco WebEx fails for us (95% of the clients). No issues with clean installations though, just upgrades. 

I have attached all clientside logs for intune.

Best regards

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hi Shahab

This issue is caused by the device running in a different locale than the version of Webex being installed. Webex will always try to upgrade in the device's language, even if an English version is already installed.

To resolve this, you must instruct the installation to use the English language code.

You can do this by adding "ProductLanguage=1033" to the Modify Command Line right-click option within the Patch My PC Publisher, after which you will need to republish the update/app