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Nextcloud in newer versions

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Hello everyone,

I think something is wrong with the Detection/Installable Rule of Nextcloud in the PatchMyPC catalog.
In older versions two registry keys Value and Version strings are checked, in more recent versions (for example the following is checked:
Windows Version >= Custom Version.

The automatic update via PatchMyPC currently does not work at all for the Nextcloud installations in my environment. Are there any known problems?

Thanks a lot

Adam Cook:
I just compared the applicability logic for the first update we added to our catalogue for Nextcloud  ( versus what's in there today ( and I do not spot any differences like you suggest.

There are not any known problems for Nextcloud.

When you say "does not work at all", what are you experiencing?

Thanks for the tip Adam!
I have to admit that I was not familiar with the possibility of using the options for applicability rules via Patch My PC Publishing Service. I looked for it in System Center Updates Publisher, which we don't use for productive updates anymore. Unfortunately, the above mentioned rule is specified in it. Never mind, please ignore it.

I have now done the following steps: the entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{E4F354C3-4074-484E-9158-A74D9588652F} was present. When I changed the value under DisplayVersion from to 3.2.3, the update was also provided to me for the client. I have now been able to recreate this on several clients. Strange.

Is it possible to change the value (test wise) in the update?
To 3.2.4

<bar:RegSzToVersion RegType32="true" Key="HKEY_LOOP_TARGET" Subkey="\" Comparison="LessThan" Data="" Value="DisplayVersion" />

The problem with long version numbers is also familiar to me from MECM. Sometimes the value of the version number has to be changed from version (number) to text. Is this perhaps due to the locale?

Thanks a lot

Adam Cook:
Thanks for the detail! We will update this in the next catalogue release.

Andrew Jimenez:
This should be updated in today's catalog release. Please reach out if you still run into issues!


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