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QGIS Updates offered for both LTR and LT when LTR version installed

Started by SimonW, November 20, 2023, 06:55:52 AM

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On our main systems we are using QGIS LTR for stability reasons and have been deploying LTR updates to these without issue.  We have recently noticed that some Devs have opted to install the LT release instead of the LTR.  Because of this we decided it was best to deploy updates for both versions to keep everything up to date.  Upon deploying both versions we now see both LT and LTR updates available on machines that are hosting the LTR version of QGIS.  Is it possible to change the detection methods so that only LTR updates are offered to machines that have LTR installed (and likewise for LT version installs)? 
If updates are left until mandatory install time we don't want them update LTR installs to LT.