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Hey Fkhan,

Hope you are keeping well.

Please share the logs we requested for troubleshooting on the previous email.

Awaiting your response.

Hey Will,

Hope you are keeping well.

Sorry to hear you are having issues here.

I will check internally to see if there was some known error. I will share you a response as soon as I get an update .

Hey Sunnyrise,

Hope you are keeping well.

Sorry to hear you are having issues here.

I think this may be a core ConfigMgr updates scan issue. Is this during OSD?

Also, i'd recommend taking a look at this : https://www.prajwaldesai.com/fix-failed-to-install-update-error-0x800705b4/ and trying the steps with one failing client to see if this resolves the issue.

Another article to review : https://patchmypc.com/updates-or-applications-stuck-at-preparing-to-download-or-fail-with-error-0x87d00669-or-0x87d00607

It will take you through a number of steps to check to see if the content is distributed correctly and if the clients are in the relevant boundary groups.

Let me know how it goes after checking this article too.

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I noticed that Teamviewer pulled this build from their downloads area. Perhaps PatchMyPC knew better than to roll out this build. 
PMPC downloaded an MSI for 7.6.2, but the version is
Hey Rusil,

Thanks for reaching out on the forum and apologies for the delay in response!

In order to get more details on the errors can you please send me the publisher log file bundle by clicking the "Collect Logs"  button under the General tab of the publisher.

You can email them to [email protected] and CC: [email protected]

Once we have the logs we'll provide an update via email!
My company purchased Patch My PC and I went through configuring it and have been adding ADR software update group.  That group is deployed to all of my workstations collection with deadline over a week ago at this point, but we still haven't seen the updates reach many if not most machines.  Upon reviewing the deployment status I see that the vast majority have an error code 0x800705B4 with description "This operation returned because the timeout period expired."

Any ideas?  It looks like about 25 machines successfully installed the whole batch while around 400 have timed out.
I moved the latest build of TeamViewer_Full.msi 15.46.5 into the C:\PatchMyPCRepository but after refreshing the sync multiple times it is not recognizing this update file. When I drill down on the Details of TeamViewer 15(x64) - MSI Install it is showing the details for the prior version 15.45.4, and finding it in the c:\PatchMyPCRepository\OLD directory. How do I point it to the new version and have it sync?

Firefox ESR 102 has officially reached EOL and will not receive any more updates.
Firefox ESR 115 is now the only active ESR, And it was published yesterday in the home updater and the enterprise/catalog.