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View complete command line for Updated application

Started by Tech710, November 08, 2021, 11:25:13 AM

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I am new to PatchMyPc. I am trying to update my enterprise with Recast Right Click Tools.
The command line has to include the license server. I edited the command line via the right click menu Modify command line to include this information.
When I go to the Show package info: title, command-line... on the right click menu I do not see the additional information.
How can I get to view the complete command line?

Wes Mitchell

Hi,  Have you reviewed the following article.  Recast RCT needs to be downloaded into the local repository.  https://patchmypc.com/local-content-repository-for-licensed-applications-that-require-manual-download.  If you have the files download please submit a support case: https://patchmypc.com/technical-support with the following logs included to help us troubleshoot.  %PatchMyPCInstallDirectory%\PatchMyPC.log