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There is no downgrade at all in here, This is like a bonus feature from PMPC to let you know that you have multiple versions installed, Open Add/Remove Programs, you will see older updates are installed with the latest ones, if not, then there are some leftovers in the registry from these old updates.
This means you have both old and newer versions installed, it's just showing you that the older versions of these apps are installed, you need to manually uninstall the older versions of 7-Zip and VLC.
Hey Kevlar,
You are right, it's a false positive from Brave! This will be fixed for good in the next update of Patch My PC which will release soon.
Thank you for your feedback and for your support :) 
Quote from: Semper Fidelis on June 07, 2024, 08:18:48 AM
Quote from: Latino on June 07, 2024, 07:37:19 AMIt's incredible that this issue still hasn't been solved!
Maybe it has to do with the wrong link in PMPC to the webpage of XNView MP?
It should read https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/
and not https://www.xnview.com/en/xnview/ ("mp" is missing) as is presently indicated im PMPC.
Agree. I do not understand either why it takes so long to fix the issue. Hopefully it gets fixed without any further delay. Best of luck in fixing the issue.

It's not fixed because the current home updater is not supported anymore, we are working on the new major Home Updater for almost a year now, and this issue is fixed in it already.
We will share more info about the new home updater most likely this month.
This is one of the improvements that we have already done in the next version of the home updater :) And it will be available soon!
We will switch Discord to v1.0 only until they fix this issue :( It's been a long time now thoguh!
Hey Ronald,
Thank you so much for the heads up! we just rolled back to version 7.0.14 in the home updater and the catalog :) Thanks again!
Thank you for your reply!
Yeah we are preparing a new major version of the home updater that will be released soon, this little issue won't be there :) 
Hey There,
PMPC will never select and install anything without user interaction, Maybe you "360 Total Security" selected by a mistake and didn't notice?
Hey there,
Soon we will start using the multi-language Firefox installer for the home updater, which should retain your chosen language :)  But for now, you can always change the language in Firefox from: Tools > Settings > General: Language
This is fixed now with v24.001.20629 :)
You are right in everything you just said :) Glad that everything is ok now :)
Glad that this worked for you! :) We are making improvements with the next big release of Patch My PC so this doesn't happen again.
Hey there, sorry for the confusion!
This issue means you have 2 or more versions installed for the same app! you need to manually uninstall the previous versions so they disappear from the right panel.