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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

Hey there,
Sorry about the delay, this will be updated today :) 
Hi Claude, 

Minitab v.21.4.2 was added in yesterday's catalog updated
 Patch My PC Catalog Update - November 08, 2023 - Patch My PC
But there is no news about v.
 Minitab Software Updates | Minitab
There is no standalone French Chrome, Only 4 apps were available in different languages in different installers in the home updater and Chrome was never one of them, And this option will be removed soon anyway since these apps now includes all the languages like Chrome.
You can change the language of Google Chrome from its settings.
Hey there,
This probably means that you have 2 or more versions installed at the same time, check the uninstaller tab to see if you have multiple versions installed, if so then you need to remove the older versions.
Hey there, Sorry for the late reply!
We only have Splunk Universal Forwarder v7.3, v8.2 and v9.1
Is v9.0 is still actually active?
Quote from: tjdillon on September 27, 2023, 04:56:31 PMI noticed that Teamviewer pulled this build from their downloads area. Perhaps PatchMyPC knew better than to roll out this build. 
True :) we noticed that they keep adding the pulling back the v15.46.5 even until now! We don't know what's going on there! So we are waiting until it becomes stable or until they release a new one.
The version is 7.6.2 too, we just double checked :) 
Firefox ESR 102 has officially reached EOL and will not receive any more updates.
Firefox ESR 115 is now the only active ESR, And it was published yesterday in the home updater and the enterprise/catalog.
We updated OBS Studio once it released back in June, this just means that you have older version (v27) installed with the latest (v29) so you have manually uninstall v27, maybe it's 32-Bit and the latest is 64-Bit
Thank you and sorry about this! It's fixed now
Hi Daniel,
Are these computers running Windows 8.1/8 or Windows 7? Google dropped the supported for these old OSes ever since v111, therefore you can't install or update any new version of Chrome or any Chromium browser on them, therefor we excluded them in the detection rules.
Sadly they didn't offer a portable edition for the last few versions of these apps.
This is an issue in Wise Registry Cleaner, they changed it's location in the registry, this will be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC.