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I have set a scheduled daily task to update at 2pm, visible.. yet nothing happens? and it says NEVER RUN!..?

can anybody help me with this issue please?

thanks in advance, much appreciated.


I use the Free and Open Source Firefox fork 'Librewolf' - it would be great if this was added to the app... I noticed it hasn't been changed since last year (2023 in latest version).


The section in the app kept saying my captcha (4+5=what?) answer : 9 - captcha is 'incorrect'..? - I had to come here directly

just thought i would let you know my experience,


I have TERACOPY 385 and FOXIT READER both of which wont update and as has been said TeraCopy now has no version number in its name and has an auto update feature anyway - but how do i get them OFF my PMPC - simply UNTICKING leaves it red and is counting it as out of date and 2 apps need updating!?

can anyone help show me how to remove items u no longer want or updated? - when i right click on any i get THIS:

yet i can access the folder just fine?

thanks in advance

..it says up to date after updating then it says 43/45 apps updated when clicked on it shows LO and WF as up to date but click on apps and it say its out of date??
it asks me to put the older version in the cache which I have about 4 versions in there including the one its asking for and latest and cant get it working - I cant write letters