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Detection of "Inksacpe" and "Blender"



I'm using the newest version of "PatchMyPc" and still got an problem with inkscape and blender
For some reason, PMP always show me (after scanning) older version of the application,which PMP assumed that they are installed on my notebook
Blender  -  2.92.0
I deinstalled both applictaion, clean the registry, ....
Nothing found.

a) Where does PMP looks for the version info.
    Maybe I can clean the locations
b) Is there a way to tell PMP not to show me this special version.
    I want to be informed about new version, so disable the app at a whole is not the solution :-)


Admin - Omar:
These are fixed by now right?

I have a different blender version, but the same issue with blender and inkscape (among others).

I fixed it thanks to a reply from Omar in another thread.

There were actually multiple installations of these programs on my computer. Most of them I could simply identify and deinstall from Add/Remove Programs.
For Skype I had to deinstall all versions and reinstall the current one (using PMP).
For Audacity the old Version didn't show up in Add/Remove programs, soI had to find and manually run the uninst.exe from the old 32-bit installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity and afterwards manually delete this folder.

Now everything looks spiffy. :-)
Thanks again, Omar!

Admin - Omar:
You are welcome :)
As you can see this is always the vendor's problem for not making a smooth flawless upgrade for their software :\
Patch My PC just detects everything related to each software, that's why it detects some leftovers like this :)


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