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Messages - Eric (Patch My PC)

Would you mind doing this?
Open an elevated command prompt and type is
vssadmin delete shadows /all
Then type Y to continue.
It should say "Successfully deleted X shadow copies." where X is a number
This will forcibly delete all restore points.

Reboot and report back please.
What OS are you using?
The task scheduler will still continue to run when the path has spaces in it.
I do not recall when Microsoft changed this, but I can confirm, at least on my test machine, that this works OK with and without spaces in the path.
One of the problems is that the author's sometimes have several different installers they use. For instance, one could be a MSI installer and another with an EXE installer. They create different install entries. We standardize as much as possible. If it gets installed via one method by Patch My PC, then we will try to always use the same install method. Unfortunately their are so many legacy entries over the many years. If you have examples we could attempt to work in uninstalls in the code for the future.
We've recently updated Patch My PC to no longer require .NET 3.5. Follow the directions at https://patchmypc.net/download for the config file.
We have now moved the log file to the temp folder, so this should no longer have the problems previous versions had with writing to the C drive.
We've added this to our list for possible features.
Thank you for your input!
Hi, is this new to the latest version?
Unfortunately, all of the mirrors for this program are changed daily.
This is being worked on.
Could you post a little more info please? Maybe if you could upload the log file (root of your systemdrive in rtf format) amd maybe a screenshot before and after.
This only happens with Windows XP, Vista and newer use a different task scheduler system.
With XP you are better off making your own with the commands of PatchMyPC.exe /s /update.
Looking at the log file I see

Verifying Java Download URL And Size
Successfully Verified Java Download URL And Size
Downloading Java Update 30.2 MB
Java Downloaded Successfully
Installing Java Please Wait
Java Failed to start installation
Update Failed Exit Code 1619
I have noticed for awhile now that Java is not always getting updated properly, Patch My PC will detect and out of date Java, successfully download it and attempt to install the new version. Unfortunately, like I said, it fails quite a bit of the time. To combat this issue, I go in and uninstall Java and then re-install it with Patch My PC.
Seems to happen for both 32 & 64-bit.

I have noticed this issue in the past with a batch file I used to use to update my programs with; I would first have t uninstall it with the proper msiexec string and then install the new one, however this only started with Java 7 and with 64-bit only. Oddly enough, installing any Java 64-bit version that is already installed of that version tends to make matters worse.
Hi, Audacity is not getting detected that it has been installed, I am using v2.3.0.1
Using Windows 7 64-bit

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Inno Setup: Setup Version"="5.5.1 (u)"
"Inno Setup: App Path"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Audacity"
"InstallLocation"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Audacity\\"
"Inno Setup: Icon Group"="(Default)"
"Inno Setup: User"="kyoden"
"Inno Setup: Selected Tasks"=""
"Inno Setup: Deselected Tasks"="desktopicon,resetprefs"
"Inno Setup: Language"="english"
"DisplayName"="Audacity 2.0.2"
"DisplayIcon"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Audacity\\audacity.exe"
"UninstallString"="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Audacity\\unins000.exe\""
"QuietUninstallString"="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Audacity\\unins000.exe\" /SILENT"
"Publisher"="Audacity Team"

General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Java 7 Update 10
December 18, 2012, 11:07:44 PM
It's an update that has been out for several days now, not sure if the "Report Software Update" is actually working or not.
It also sees Update 10 as out of date, perhaps the program thinks 10 is less than 9
I have a program being detected as Opera: Screensaver Operations
I do not have Opera installed, nor ever have.

Exported from CSV:
Screensaver Operations   The Grim Admin   MsiExec.exe /X{CA2697B4-ADFD-4E30-8EBD-6C1A9C1D34DA}   8/14/2012