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Thanks, Ben. Will post the logs to the site you noted momentarily.
Wondering if anyone could shed light on a mystery. We have GitHub 2.27.0 (x64) in Config Mgr and Intune. I see in the email notifications from PMPC that the application was updated on April 10, 2023.

But then we also have a GitHub 2.5.0 (x64) that appeared in Config Mgr and Intune on April 11, but I see nothing in the PMPC email notifications about this version, but the summary in Config Mgr says the app was created by PMPC. In looking, I see that the two applications were created by different versions of PMPC.

One other weird thing was that the deployment wasn't to any of our production collections, just some random test collection.

Wondering if anyone had any info about GitHub CLI version 2.5.0. Thanks!
Thanks, Andrew. So to clarify, just go into the PMPC console, and for any updates in the log w/ the 'unsupported state' message, right-click the update and select 'Republish during next sync cycle'?
Here's my scenario: we updated the third-party certificate we use for PMPC. After that we redownloaded all the third-party updates. Then triggered a WSUS sync and redeployed to our SCCM Distribution Points.

Things looked 99% good at that point. But we did notice when reviewing the Patch My PC log and email and comparing that with the third-party updates in SCCM, a handful of the patches didn't appear to update. I started looking into it and began testing with one patch in particular just to see what would happen.

What I did was bring up the Modify Updates Wizard in the PMPC console. I selected one of the patches that hadn't updated and then I clicked the "Re-Sign Update" button. Then ran a PMPC sync. Noticed a bunch of red error messages in the log file. The message for the specific update I tried to re-sign said:
"The update [Camtasia 2019 (MSI-x64)] has an unsupported state [Failed]".

So I'm guessing that's not the right solution.  :P

I did a WSUS sync again after that, and did a test deploy of a couple random updates. That seemed to work fine.

However, I still see lots of red messages about unsupported states, as noted above. What's weird to me is that the message is showing even for the updates that I did a test deploy with and they worked.

Not sure what to do now to eliminate the 'unsupported state' messages.
Thanks for the response. To make sure I'm understanding correctly, let's say I want my default Available/Deadline times for all applications to be +0 days and 01:00/02:00.

And let's say I have one application for which I want different Available/Deadline times (say +0 days and 03:00/04:00, for example).

So setting the "Manage assignments" times differently for the application will take precedence over the settings I made at the top level (All Products...)?
When I launch Patch My PC on the server and go to either the "Updates" tab or the "Intune Updates" tab, I can then right-click on "All Products (Right-Click for Customization Options)", and from the list of options, I can choose "Manage assignments".

I can also select an individual application and then right-click "All Products (Right-Click for Customization Options)".

From there I can set "Availability" and "Deadline" times, among other selections.

My question is: which takes precedence: the top-level "Manage assignments", or the one associated with the individual application? For a specific example, let's say the top-level Manage assignments Availability/Deadline settings are set to +0 days at 01:00 and +0 days at 2:00. And let's say that for a specific application, those settings are 03:00 and 04:00.

Wondering which takes precedence.
If I'm using a custom post script with an application, and if I change Patch My PC's default uninstall command in Configuration Manager, will I need to manually update that command every time Patch My PC updates the application?

Application in question is DBeaver. Everything appears to be working correctly in Configuration Manager--I've tested the install and uninstall and both are successful.

I did have to change the default Uninstall command in Configuration Manager (under "Deployment Type"). Originally it was set to "PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.exe /UnInstallPackage", but this resulted in an error when I attempted to uninstall the application from within Software Center. I think this makes sense since I was using two different Detection Methods: one that confirmed the DBeaver executable was present, and one to confirm a custom registry key was present (which I was setting at the very end of my custom script), and the error code being thrown by the uninstall indicated one of the Detection Methods was still valid even though DBeaver was uninstalled.

So because I changed the default command, is this something I'll need to do manually each time the application gets updated by Patch My PC, or is there a way to get my Uninstall command (which is just the default command for the PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit: "Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType 'Uninstall') to "stick"?
Appears to be working now. Thanks!
My company just added DBeaver Community Edition to the list of applications being managed by PatchMyPC.

Daily report from PatchMyPC indicates that application creation failed: "Failed while signing the file: Security error."

The error message from the PatchMyPC log on our server states "An error occurred while signing the file: Security error. [System.Security.SecurityException]. Please see kb: https://patchmypc.com/ui-doc-certificate-not-suitable-for-code-signin".

All other applications/updates are downloading correctly. Checked our code signing certificate per the kb noted in previous paragraph and everything appears to be in order.

Any recommendations for what to try to resolve the error?