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Java stays checked

Started by warwagon, March 11, 2014, 10:54:52 AM

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The problem goes like this

Open patchmypc  and see Java in the Red on the right. I think oh, java is installed, I don't want that on this computer. So I leave patchmypc open and uninstall it. Then I come back refresh the list and it's gone from the right. I think oh good, lets update. But then I realize that although it left the list on the right it remained checked on the left. Then Patchmypc reinstalls it.

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Good catch this is something we will look into fixing in the next release.

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Reproducing this issue. When you click Re-Check Software after uninstalling a outdated item from the first scan the Forecolor turns black right? You think it would be good to also auto uncheck the item that was checked originally, because it was outdated?