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PatchMyPC update only EOS apps

Started by Aleksander, February 18, 2022, 01:26:23 AM

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Does PatchMyPC offer a service to update only the EOS application? Let me give you an example, I have python on several computers, and each of the computers have different versions of python. As example: I know that only two computers have EOS python. Is it possible to set an additional rule in PatchMyPC to check to update only those versions that are lower than supported?

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Scott (Patch My PC)

Hi Aleksander

The Patch My PC Publisher will always publish the most recent version of any applications/updates you have selected. There is no option within the Publisher to only target specific versions of software on the client side.

If you wanted to target those 2 devices specifically you would want to do that through a collection in Config Mgr or a group in Intune (depending on which platform you are using)