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Messages - Cody Mathis (Patch My PC)

It might be easiest to do a support session :)

Can you use this link https://calendly.com/cody-123/30min to schedule a support session and we will see what we can get figured out?

It looks like you are getting a 503 error.

Are you able to grab the URL from the PatchMyPC.log file on the server and see if the URL is able to be accessed in Internet Explorer?

It might be that Splunk needs to be stopped in order to update. You can try selecting the option to close the Splunk application prior to installation if you are consistently seeing this behavior.


This article discusses the feature. You may have to republish your Splunk update after you make this change.

You also can ensure the verbose MSI logging is enabled for the application. Hopefully, the MSI logs can shed some light on what is going on as well.

Please not the last part of the applicability rule RegType32="true"

This component ensure we search the Wow6432Node.

Usually, Wo6432Node will not be explicitly written out, instead thise is used to ensure proper redirection of registry searches for a 32 bit application ona 64 bit operating system, and also ensure it is handled appropriately on a 32 bit operating system as well.
I'd add Lenovo, that's the only one I don't see listed.


This is the current list of free catalogs available to my knowledge as well.

The Zoom system-wide installer will actually automatically remove the user based installs! So you really just need to identify the users that have Zoom as a user based piece of software.

We have created a CI that can help identify systems that have Zoom though, which can be helpful for this.


In this folder, there is a file 'Zoom User Based Install CI.cab' which can be imported as a Configuration Item, and you can deploy a Configuration Baseline containing this and determine who has Zoom as a user.

We had shown this CI at our VSMUG meeting which was recorded. You can see it at this link https://youtu.be/Eo8KdkKRyW8?t=355

You can find the devices that have Zoom using the CI, and then deploy the system wide installer to ensure you can manage it going forward.


Can you please check if the Zoom installation you have installed is a system wide version?

We commonly seen Zoom installs that are the user-based install that is in the user profile. If it is the per-user install then it cannot be updated by a Software Update, as this runs in system context.

Can you please provide the log files listed in the below link?

Additional, the CAS.log and ContentTransferManager.log would be useful.


The improvement to third party catalogs in the console is certainly nice. It allows a lot more flexibility in what you select to sync. If you are not using the Publisher tool, then I would definitely recommend upgrading to get the enhanced in-console third party update publishing experience.

I'd say there are a large number of features, bug fixes, and improvements across the board to justify upgraded from 1902 all the way to 2002! Do you have anything holding you back from changing versions?

We generally do not host the content. Our tool downloads the files directly from the manufacturer. We download the binaries to a temporary directory and then package up the updates and or applications.

We intend to write a KB article :)

I am glad this works for you.