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Hi, is it possible to disable the new report dark mode, go back to the old report mode, or otherwise choose between the two?

I have geniuses in my company that like to respond / copy the report to others, and with the new black background management is up in arms because their email response text is hard to read.  I don't have time to teach them how to change the font color, I'd just like the old report format back.

Thanks in advance.

I hope everyone is having a good day. I'm wondering why the right-click options are greyed out for Adobe Acrobat DC Continuous (Full Contents)? It's an .MSP file, does that make a difference? I think I'd still be able to set various options for it. The file is downloaded and published. Thanks in advance:

I'm wondering if it's possible to have PatchMyPC create a single, generic Application object (e.g. Google Chrome [no version]) , then continually update that same Application? That way when doing OSD, we'd only have to specify that Application be installed. As it is, in this example, we have to specify Google Chrome [specific version]) and either manually keep updating the TS when updates come out, or let the old version install then subsequently get patched.

Thanks in advance.