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Python 3.9.0 Core Interpreter (64-bit)   {92F322B1-D69A-43D1-82B4-24ADEBE5C650}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{92F322B1-D69A-43D1-82B4-24ADEBE5C650}   
Python 3.9.0 Development Libraries (64-bit)   {E73FE192-7766-49FA-B28A-32F700D98A15}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{E73FE192-7766-49FA-B28A-32F700D98A15}   
Python 3.9.0 Documentation (64-bit)   {35E94198-B9F1-4D1E-A869-636AD5E6BCA8}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{35E94198-B9F1-4D1E-A869-636AD5E6BCA8}   
Python 3.9.0 Executables (64-bit)   {A9F718BA-8B5F-4AE7-ADDA-EFFF431948DB}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{A9F718BA-8B5F-4AE7-ADDA-EFFF431948DB}   
Python 3.9.0 pip Bootstrap (64-bit)   {27FF09D8-6DE6-4F63-A3DD-8758D615D543}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{27FF09D8-6DE6-4F63-A3DD-8758D615D543}   
Python 3.9.0 Standard Library (64-bit)   {42480EE5-670F-4AF3-A619-2E761A398340}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{42480EE5-670F-4AF3-A619-2E761A398340}   
Python 3.9.0 Tcl/Tk Support (64-bit)   {4460A893-EFF6-4B33-BF21-BAA2159F57E6}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{4460A893-EFF6-4B33-BF21-BAA2159F57E6}   
Python 3.9.0 Test Suite (64-bit)   {9141E990-BD45-4F42-BB32-B3012969355D}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{9141E990-BD45-4F42-BB32-B3012969355D}   
Python 3.9.0 Utility Scripts (64-bit)   {35DC2DFB-0AEA-4DC2-AFA5-4EA2D2612B51}   Python Software Foundation   20201012   MsiExec.exe /I{35DC2DFB-0AEA-4DC2-AFA5-4EA2D2612B51}   
Python 3.9.9 Core Interpreter (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {C16D8007-2E69-4A13-B801-D8C78D8D6C1C}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{C16D8007-2E69-4A13-B801-D8C78D8D6C1C}   
Python 3.9.9 Development Libraries (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {919E3B96-E0C9-4E77-A872-E2BE31E3CCA3}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{919E3B96-E0C9-4E77-A872-E2BE31E3CCA3}   
Python 3.9.9 Documentation (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {FA05D2FE-9C5E-4DC1-8434-C93F390FAE14}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{FA05D2FE-9C5E-4DC1-8434-C93F390FAE14}   
Python 3.9.9 Executables (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {AA6C7533-2F60-4865-BE62-EC981A4FC8BC}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{AA6C7533-2F60-4865-BE62-EC981A4FC8BC}   
Python 3.9.9 pip Bootstrap (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {8C5F38D1-8A9F-4963-BE1A-285020DBC6E3}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{8C5F38D1-8A9F-4963-BE1A-285020DBC6E3}   
Python 3.9.9 Standard Library (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {B50BC36B-3C19-491C-9CF8-BC5C384D70F2}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{B50BC36B-3C19-491C-9CF8-BC5C384D70F2}   
Python 3.9.9 Tcl/Tk Support (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {2AAEDAFA-E664-44FB-9C73-35FEB22CB07B}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{2AAEDAFA-E664-44FB-9C73-35FEB22CB07B}   
Python 3.9.9 Test Suite (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {60E32325-06A6-4E47-8A1D-5A02F739F0AD}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{60E32325-06A6-4E47-8A1D-5A02F739F0AD}   
Python 3.9.9 Utility Scripts (32-bit)   3.9.9150.0   {93107D6B-ECBA-4D06-B6AC-B61502F5FD5A}   Python Software Foundation   20220225   MsiExec.exe /I{93107D6B-ECBA-4D06-B6AC-B61502F5FD5A}   

python 3.9.9150 (x86) no possibilty to uninstall form company portal, program&fetures or from "Add/Remove Program List Windows"

I distribute pyhon through the company portal/intune thanks to patchmypc. But when someone wants to delete the app, this is not possible, it can only be reinstalled in the company portal, and in the program and functions it is not visible that this app exists.
I may have misspoken, what I mean is a switch that will cause Dell Command Update to update drivers and firmware automatically, not by asking users.

Dell Command Update NOT automatically update PCs, as Lenovo System Update is doing.

Do you know any trigger/switches that need to be added during installtion of software, to forced "Dell Command Update" to update PCs? as it is now user get questions if they want to update dell computers, every two weeks.

Dell Command Update 4.4.0
Does PatchMyPC offer a service to update only the EOS application? Let me give you an example, I have python on several computers, and each of the computers have different versions of python. As example: I know that only two computers have EOS python. Is it possible to set an additional rule in PatchMyPC to check to update only those versions that are lower than supported?

End of Service/Support = EOS
After update still I the list of PCs are recognised with older version of .net and .net core. So it seems that are not updated.
Can anyone tell me what is actually being updated via the "Update for Microsoft .NET Core Runtime and Hosting Bundle" I have uploaded the update, but according to Windows Defender the ATP PCs are still out of date, so what has actually been updated?
Its should be deployed as mnadatory installation or uninstallation via intune?
Lenovo Dock manager in latest version is recognised wrongly as Lenovo Please fix it. I see that uninstalling of version uninstalled
I found that in control panel >program and features, after update i still have older version, but when i open app is latest. Check attachment.
Lenovo Dock manager update fail from to via intune:

App installation failed
7/19/2021 6:12:33 AM
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Error code: 0x87D30067
Error unzipping downloaded content.


Error code: 0x80070002
The system cannot find the file specified
on many devices.