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ProtonVPN not detected

Started by NickJP, September 23, 2023, 08:20:43 PM

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I have 64-bit ProtonVPN 3.1.1 installed - appears in Control Panel / Programs and Features, and is detected by SUMo, but PatchMyPC shows it as not installed:




Problem persists with ProtonVPN 3.2.2, which I just downloaded and installed. PMPC still does not see it as being installed.


Sometimes, it's a registry glitch, or PatchMyPC might need an update to recognize the latest version of ProtonVPN. Try refreshing PatchMyPC's software list or reinstalling ProtonVPN to see if it pops up.

As an aside, if ProtonVPN gives you trouble, or you're looking for a quick workaround for secure browsing, you could consider using an proxy adress. I set up an ISP proxy for myself and always have access to a dedicated IP address from the specific country I need. It's a reliable alternative for uninterrupted access.