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After IrfanView 64 is installed (on Windows 10), it's not possible to configure the settings from the application.
For some months now, i had the problem that Patch My PC only updates one of the applications selected, then deselects all. Not only is that inconvenient in itself, it also blows out Windows restore points due to creating a new one for each application I update. And that's slow, even on SSD-based PC's.

Everything else seems OK, and Patch My PC reports that it's using teh most recent version. Log and screenshot enclosed.

The log shows two update attempts, one with 9 applications selected, the next with 3. In both cases, Patch My PC updates one, then believes to be done.

Windows 10 Home, updated to most recent feture version.
Lenovo T480 laptop, 8 GB ram, SSD drive.