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Viruses/malware in updates

Started by archie, September 27, 2021, 11:45:33 AM

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I apologize if this is covered elsewhere, I tried some search terms but got nowhere.

I use Mp3tag to keep music files in order.  5 days ago I went to use Mp3tag and a pop up advised me that a new version/update was available.  I downloaded it and did a virus scan with Windows Defender, which came up with: Threat found ... PUA:Win32/FormfacBundle.  I looked this up and then used Windows Defender to remove it.  I then remembered that Mp3tag was included in Patch My PC.  I scrolled down through Patch My PC until i found Mp3tag, right clicked both "Disable scanning for this app" and "Disable auto updating for this app".  Mp3tag then had a black line through it an d it didn't show on the scan or on apps that were updated.  All good and fine.

Today, on opening Patch My PC, Mp3tag was listed in red writing, along with 3 other programs, as needing updating.  The action button, bottom right, stated that there were 4 apps to be updated.  I checked the listing of Mp3tag, upon right clicking both options were still disabled according to the dialog box but there was no black line through "Mp3tg" on the screen.  I've checked, using one of the other apps that needed an update, that they can still be disabled and they can. 

Am i doing something wrong or has Patch My PC been infected?  Tomorrow, I'm taking the laptop to get it checked properly

Does Patch My PC have any way of detecting potential threats or is there any way that it can be used in conjunction with anti-virus/anti-malware apps?

Omar (Patch My PC)

We are using the official download link of MP3Tag https://download.mp3tag.de/mp3tagv310setup.exe from the official website https://www.mp3tag.de/index.html
And the same for all other software we support. The message you got from Windows Defender probably was a temporary false positive since it's clean with our tests and it's clean in ViruslTotal


 I think it was a false positive activation of Windows protection, and there were no problems with the application updates. I believe it is only important to be careful when you download something from unofficial sites.