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REQUESTS: Have multiple - Updated 2/7/2024 x3

Started by hamster, February 02, 2024, 08:24:17 AM

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DISCLAMER: In no way shape or form am I taking credit for any of this. What I offer here is a list of free software most of which is 100% free across the board with all features enabled. It is my hope that even if people here haven't heard of these or haven't used it, it does not mean its not used widely. What I suggest here not only helps those that like these items, but it helps people know that there might be software they have not heard of and by adding these you bring people to Patch my PC because everyone is always looking for an auto updater to make there lives easier. I know I was and I LOVE the whole scheduling daily updates so I keep software 100% updated without too much effort. Although when I select PM to do a Noon auto install, I do wish it would keep it instead of making it a 12 AM task. Bit annoying atm with that.

Rustdesk - For those that don't want to use the nightly like I do.

Rustdesk Nightly - I use this the most due to the more advanced features it has

Wise auto shutdown - Part of the wise care stuff

Wise memory optimizer - part of wise care stuff

Wise Game booster - Part of the wise care stuff

Opera GX - The gaming version of Opera IF they don't want the regular Opera that you have listed already

RoboForm - Password and personal information manager for PC, Browser extension, or even your phone AND syncs to all devices as well so you can access them anywhere at any time.

NiceHash - A do it your self crypto miner. There are 4 separate things to download weather its Windows or Linux based

BiglyTB - Torrent downloader. Seems to be faster on some devices compared to the one you have on the software now but keep that one as well because I know it also works well on some devices that this one doesn't do so well on.

Kryptex - Another do it yourself crypto miner. Sometimes does better then Nicehash depending on hardware.

Streamlabs OBS - A OBS software made for gamers. Can import stuff from regular OBS and is easer to use in a lot of ways. Some people like this over regular OBS. I know I do so keep both.

Spotify - This is a PC download as well and many other platforms

Better Discord - I dont use this one but I know some people like it

Vencord - Now this one I use. Its also discord but I find it better then regular discord and better discord due to the fact that you don't have to download any plugins yourself like better discord because they are all built into the software itself. Plus they do add more and keep it the main software and plugins well updated.

Overlayed - Your discord overly that actually doesn't conflict with games like regular discord. Yes it uses your account info but runs ENTIRLY separate to prevent the issues the regular discord overlay has.

Netlimiter - Says its only a 14 day trial but I have found its one of the rare FEW trials left out there you can uninstall and reinstall after trial period and keep on going.

Simple wall - A extra firewall for those that want extra security. If the icon on your PC after installation is gray, its not activated and fully working properly. When the icon is colored, THAT is when it is fully activated. So just installing it does not automatically activate its usage.

Google Drive - For those that use it over the bloatware Onedrive

Vortex Mod Manager - For those that want a mod manager that goes to A LOT of games.

Take Ownership - A windows utility that's commonly used by advanced power users. YES this is a free software despite it saying Pro on it so don't let it fool you.

Atlas OS - I think its pretty well self explanatory when you visit the site. This will need to be put in the portables section due to the way its installed.

Crypto Tab - Browser to earn crypto or make a browser crypto farm

Thorium- The fastest browser on earth just like is says as described

Tor Browser - A browser that does exactly like the VPN but without the VPN for your privacy and protection.

Snappy Driver updater - I've been using it for years and I can safely say it is a 100% FULLY FREE almost fully automated driver updater. Driver easy and all the other ones you have are nice but they require a subscription to auto install. This one not only does auto installing but it just takes a few clicks to find what is on the device your are using, a few clicks of buttons and then hit the BIG GREEN install button. Super easy to use a Monkey could do it if u have at least basic computer knowledge.

LatencyMon - A advanced power user software that is suitable for processing real-time audio and other tasks to see if you have device lag.

Fan Control - Nice bit of software to help with ALL of your fans. It can auto detect them but you can also add fans manually that it doesn't detect automatically. This is for advanced users who want more control over every ounce of fan in the device. If it auto detects your fans you have a added feature called Sync which allows you to sync all your fans togeather with 1 config setup.

ISLC AKA Intelligent standby list cleaner - Another memory cleaner of a type with a few more options then most. This will need to be for the portable side.

WeMod - First of all I want to say, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE USE OF MODS. Cheating is bad and you learn nothing by doing so. With that being said, I know some of my friends use it so I thought I would at least mention it since it is free and people like that sort of thing.

Tron - A advanced power user device debloater. USE WITH CAUTION. Will need to be put in the portables section

CTT Widows Utility - The famous Chris Titus utility that super advanced power users love. Can massively debloat your device and improve device performance. The hottest Super Advanced Power User tool for those that want to gut Windows of all the bloat. There is also a PowerShell command line option for those that want to do it the manual way but you will have to google search Chris Titus utility in the future. For now I have provided you with a link for that command as well.
For the PowerShell manual command - https://github.com/ChrisTitusTech/winutil

Cinebench - Advanced power user tool to help power teak the bios settings to get the best out of the graphics.

UserBenchmark - Another Advanced power user tool to help power teak the bios settings to get the best out of the graphics.

Heaven Benchmark - A heavy heavy pounding benchmarking tool that REALLY wants to know the BEST fine tuned possible setting for your device for powertweaking with the bios.

Hamster PC Repair windows quick fix tool - This is my own tool that I have created. This will go into portable section

Hamster's PC repair FULL IP Renew - This is my own tool that I have created. This will go into portable section

Hamster's PC Repair Customization repair tool - This is my own tool that I have created. This will go into portable section

There is probably more but this is all that I can think of at this time. I hope this not only helps make Patch my PC better but also brings more people to your software as I would like to see it be the best software possible. I will continue to add to this list as I remember more.

Thank you for reading. You can find more about me at this link not only for my creativity but all that I do so my knowledge can speak for itself.