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PyCharm Professional Edition - fails to publish - the file is not signed by PmP

Started by vik, September 21, 2022, 05:42:18 AM

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Hi there,

PyCharm Professional Edititon fails to publish.

Error: The file is not signed by Patch My PC.

See screenshots:


What to do?

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey Vik

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll review this internally and get back to you

Scott (Patch My PC)

Quick follow-up Vik, We've identified the issue and it should be resolved today!

I'll keep you updated, but once it's resolved you'll need to republish PyCharm Professional Edition for the fix to take effect


Hi again.

Thanks for the quick reply.
It seems to be sorted now - thank you


That will provide you the ability to define a Notification that will be shown to the end users if Firefox is running on their computers while the update is being performed.

You also have the option of modifying the deployment schedule for that update so that it will be installed either outside of normal business hours or during maintenance hours.

I will keep testing this, and I will report back with any other information that I find! drift boss

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey @oletaschmeler

Are you able to elaborate on your comment? I'm unsure on the context based on the topic of this post.