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Lenovo Dock Manager update errors

Started by SGB_002, April 19, 2024, 10:34:59 AM

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Anyone else seeing problems with Lenovo Dock Manager update?

My team has reported consistent failures on the update to latest version. Error code 0x87D00664.

From tech: " It's the same thing each time, dock manager is already up to date to the version of the update, it still attempts to update even though it is running same version as the update and gets stuck running in the background preventing other updates from installing until I kill the process or it times out(There is a setup process running in task manager for it).  The only way I have found to fix it is to uninstall dock manager, make the update vanish from software center then reinstall the latest dock manager.  I've seen this on many machines so it's not client related."

I temporarily removed the update from the software update group. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Kyle (Patch My PC)

Hello there,

I can't say that we've seen other reports from customers at this time. The ideal way to handle this will be to open a support ticket with us via the following link:


If you could submit log files from an impacted endpoint, that would help us diagnose the issue:


It sounds like this is regarding Software Update content, so we would like to see the logs from the client side in relation to it (see link above).


thanks, figured, will gather logs and open case.   Appreciate the feedback.  Cheers.