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There are a few ways to go about this - some of these examples can be made easier by using PSAppDeployToolkit / PSADT.

- Run the uninstall as the logged in user - if you're in System account context, this can be launched in as the user by leveraging Scheduled Tasks. PSADT has an Execute-ProcessAsUser function to make this easy. If the uninstall process needs admin rights though, users may get a UAC prompt unless you have a privilege management system in place to auto-elevate certain processes.

- Set up a Run key or Active Setup to run the uninstall per user. Can be used in conjunction with the above to cater for users not logged on during deployment. PSADT has a function Set-ActiveSetup that can be used to set this up, and it will also automatically trigger it to run as the logged in user much like the above.

- Surgical mop-up of files/reg for every user - for this you will need to know every file, folder, shortcut and reg key that needs to be removed. PowerShell's Remove-Item accepts wildcards (e.g. Remove-Item -Path 'C: \Users\*\AppData\Local\AppName' -Recurse -Force). Registry is harder is it required mounting each user registry hive - again PSADT can help here with the Invoke-HKCURegistrySettingsForAllUsers function.
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I did check the file hash on all files - 32bit/64bit Custom vs Original TeamViewer MSI files and the still do match - I'm using the TeamViewer Portal Design Editor to make the changes which is probably why the hash doesn't change? - admittedly I don't know much about the file hashes and how it works.

But in the PMPC Portal, I was able to upload the Custom TeamViewer 32bit MSI okay with no errors - but just selected the wrong MSI when uploading the 64bit MSI

I am assuming since we can upload the correct file and all other files will fail to upload, that a delete or remove/reupload functionality was never required and not built into the platform... would I just need to wait for TeamViewer update the version to get another shot at it?

**Attached is a screenshot of the hashes for each file and also a screenshot of the TeamViewer Portal which I used to customize the design with company branding.

Hi Shaun,

If you had uploaded a customized MSI, Patch My PC would not have accepted that file, as we require the filehash to match what is in our database. This ensures that you are not uploading a binary that may have been modified maliciously.

The latest will update any older versions (of the same installer type and architecture) to the latest version. It will not replace an exe with an MSI installation, though that is a feature we plan on adding to the portal in the future.
Thanks! That was my plan, but thought perhaps there was a built-in method that I could utilize and I just wasn't seeing it.

Much appreciated.
 Basically, you need a pre-script to parse through each user profile and remove the files, reg keys, etc. because running a user-based uninstall will only work for the currently logged-on user.
We provide the ability to call a script however you will need to create this prescript to do that cleanup. Hope that helps and answers your question.

I was in the process of converting some user-based Firefox installs, that were completed by end-users, to system installs and noticed by default the Application deployment keeps both the user-based appdata install and installs the "Program Files" install as well.

My first thought was having a pre-script search and run helper.exe /S before installing but was curious if there was built-in functionality that I am missing to complete this without my extra work.

Thanks Andrew! This is awesome. I appreciate it!
You can perhaps try to PM the admin I have encountered: https://patchmypc.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1407
Yes, it might be the french version that causes the problem... I think the question should be asked to the developers, but I don't know how to do! :'(
I don't have that issue with Firefox and my PMP, but I use the "en-US" version of Firefox and not the "fr" version, so that could be the difference in detection.

Likewise, I also don't have that issue with VLC 3.0.21, as it detects the correct version as being installed and up-to-date.

I don't use the other apps, so I cannot comment there.