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VirtualBox - "Error in supr3hardenedwinrespawn" - missing driver?

Started by jpw, October 14, 2022, 08:40:27 AM

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We use PatchMyPC to manage updates to Oracle VM VirtualBox. Unfortunately, whenever a new update is rolled out to VirtualBox, it breaks our users' installations. We've experienced this both with the update to 6.1.34 and, more recently, the update to 6.1.38.

The error message seems to suggest that drivers aren't being installed correctly. I've attached screenshots of the error messages our users encounter after the upgrade - in one case, it's complaining about vboxsup being missing; in the other, about vboxdrv.


image (1).png

The only thing that fixes it is for users to fully uninstall VirtualBox and then to install it again manually. Trying to "Repair" the installation through "Apps and Features" doesn't work - it looks for an MSI in a TEMP folder that has been removed. Rebooting, as suggested in the message, unfortunately does not help.

Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on fixing?

Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)


This is the first I have seen this issue. I wonder if the certificate for the drivers was not installed somehow which leads to this failure.