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Patch My PC Version Updates

Started by MikeyMcG, June 15, 2023, 09:45:17 AM

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We are still evaluating PMPC and wondered about the Self Update feature of PMPC. We're not having any issues, but the question came up...

In the event a new update didn't work as expected, and we needed to roll PMPC back to a previous version, what would that process look like?

For example, I'm assuming that we'd need to uninstall the new version, reinstall the previous version, and then reimport our PMPC settings from backup.  Is that correct?  Also, would we need to contact PMPC for the previous version install files?


In general PMPC is just the executable.
So if you have a copy of the old EXE just replace the new EXE.
Just make sure to disable the auto update.