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Messages - Omar (Patch My PC)

We will improve this in the next major Patch My PC update :)
You are welcome :)
As you can see this is always the vendor's problem for not making a smooth flawless upgrade for their software :\
Patch My PC just detects everything related to each software, that's why it detects some leftovers like this :)
It means you have older update of OBS Studio installed (27.1.3) with the latest one
You have to manually remove it from Add/Remove Programs
This is how the old Audacity installers were designed, they weren't replace the new update with old one! They were just install alongside it! Resulting 2 or more updates to be installed in the same time! But they fixed that starting from v3.1 as I remember..
So you just need to manually remove the old one v3.0.2 from "Add/Remove Programs" and it will not  happen again :)
This is fixed now.
This is fixed now.
Yes exactly, and you are welcome :)
Hi Martin,

Sorry for the late reply, this means you have older version installed with the last version, and you need to remove that old version !
That old version is the one you see in red :)
Hey there!
Yes this happens because there are 2 types of installers for Visual Studio Code:
There is "User Installer" which installs under "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Programs\"
There is "System Installer" which installs under "C:\Program Files" like most apps
You can check both from there:

We are only using the "System Installer" since it was the only one in the past, so the "User Installer" will not be detected by Patch My PC like in your case :)
If you removed it and installed "System Installer" (or installed it from Patch My PC) it will always be detected right for you from now on! But of course you have to be careful about the saved settings and projects!
Not sure if we will support "User Installer" in the future or not, But I can't promise we will :)
Version 7.3.1 is the latest and stable not beta!
Version 7.2.5 is older but extended and more stable.
This issue will be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC :)
General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: Color
March 01, 2022, 06:27:03 AM
Hi Rudy,

We already have the option to choose any colors you want for the "out of date" and "up to date" apps!
Just go to Options and you will see them as the first 2 settings under Visual Options :)

Thank you for choosing Patch My PC :)
It's already in Patch My PC
This probably means you have 2 versions installed in the same time, please check and make sure to remove the older one
It's all good now, it was a false positive as StPendl said :)