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I'm old enough to be able to say that I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I've been told that, only to turn out it really wasn't the vast majority of the time.

Ok, two questions working on the notion that it is local:
- What could be causing it for TeamViewer and only TeamViewer?
- PMPC Support person Adam Cook says he replicated it on a fresh VM: what might his and mine have in common that could lead to that result?


Thanks. Now I assume it will be taken care of.

The really odd thing, and why I think this is a bug, is that if I update Tv from inside its program, then PMPC no longer calls for an update. That means PMPC is seeing it, but not handling it correctly. Certainly not like it handles other programs.

In this case, where the new version is put in an appdata temp folder and there's no apparent evidence of it in the registry or in the CP's file list or RevoPro, I don't see where deleting is out of place.

The question remains, why didn't PMPC install the new version in \Program Files\Teamviewer? I would have expected PMPC to chime in by now.

Taken literally, that wouldn't work. Already done by deleting the temp location and running the program, leading to an update.

I found the problem: PMPC has been installing it in \AppData\Local\Temp instead of \Program Files. How does one fix that?

Even with TeamViewer process stopped, I'm finding Patch doesn't actually install the update, although it says that it has.

Autoruns shows TeamViewer_Service.exe sets itself to start.

Well, PMPC?

That's what I thought, but looking at my startup list (Task Mgr), TeamViewer and Java seem the only ones PMPC deals with. Right now TeamViewer is not there, even though I didn't do anything to remove it, but it is checked in Autoruns. Will see. In any case, thanks for your help.

Attached is the log for the past two days. Don't see any failures in the 15.20.6 installs. Further back in the past week, on 8-24 & 8-25 15.20.4 showed as installed successfully, and on 8-27 and 8-28 15.20.5 likewise. This seems like something that should be handled in either TeamViewer's install program or PMPC, or both. Being prompted to close a running process or being asked if it's ok to close it is common. In this case neither is happening and PMPC is giving a false result. If PMPC has an auto close, then presumably it should also trigger a request to close. I don't think many users remember every process they have in startup or can be expected to.

You're correct, TeamViewer is running in the background on start up. I wasn't aware of that and will correct it. However, that begs the question: why day after day does PMPC show the install of 15.21.5 as successful when it's not? I've attached some screenshots from what happens after rebooting and running PMPC for TeamViewer. They show the results, along with shots of RevoPro and the executable's Properties' details. Seems like a bug.

For the past week, Patch has shown TeamViewer 15.20.6 (x64) every day, even though it's installed -- a few times now! -- and a search finds no other version is anywhere else on my main drive. I thought maybe TeamViewer was having problems that needed repeated updates, but checking now that's not the case.

Report Detection Issues Here (Free Home Updater) / Open VPN
« on: June 02, 2021, 05:08:04 PM »
OpenVPN 2.5.2-I601 amd64 -- Showed yesterday and today. I've had this installed for some time & can't find any older copies

Follow up: PMPC is right now showing Vivaldi 3.7.2218.52 needs installing, but my currently installed version is Vivaldi  -  3.7.2218.55.

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