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winamp 5.8

Started by lezerogan, November 17, 2018, 01:03:50 AM

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A new beta version of winamp 5.8 is available and I installed it over the old version 5.6666,
but PatchMyPC is alerting that the version is still 5.6666.

In the uninstaller tab,  PatchMyPC shows version 5.8.
Windows 10 home "programs and features" screen shows 5.8.
the only winamp.exe on the hard-disk is 5.8

Omar (Patch My PC)

I know :( The problem is latest stable version is registered as 5.666 and this latest beta is just 5.8 !! So 5.666 > 5.8 ! They should have gave it number 5.800 at least !
So for now you should just Disable Scanning for Winamp until they release a final build of 5.8 then we will update it in Patch My PC.