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An option for chosing a language for a specific software

Started by MrKoddy, February 10, 2024, 07:53:04 AM

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I'd like to have some apps in English and some apps in my native language. Patch My PC only suggests one language for every app.

Is it possible to select specific language for a specific app?

Omar (Patch My PC)

You can change the language of any app from its settings, we have to stick with English as default since it's the most used language :) also a lot of apps doesn't have an option to change the language until after you install them.


Patch My Pc tells me only these apps have my native language

Omar (Patch My PC)

This is an old option when the languages of these apps had separate download links, this is not the case anymore and this option will be removed in the next update of PMPC. You can now change the language of any app from its own settings.