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I have noticed reports that some applications are not being updated for around a month. Investigation into PmPC console shows lack of updates to Intune.  For example, if I right click Firefox and select "Show package info," current version is 119.0.1 but the last Intune application I have is 118.0.2 from 10/10.  Another example is package info for Chromex64 is 119.0.6045 but latest Intune version is 118.0.5993 from 10/17. 

My keys, certs, everything else don't expire until next year. All checks are green in console.  Have tried manually syncing and republishing those specific applications. Any ideas on what I can check or do to publish these updates to Intune? 

Thank you.

*It appears that some Azure graph permission requirements were changed at some point.  I added those this morning before this post, but did not notice a difference.  However, after rebooting the server and checking that the PmyPC service was running (delayed start, needed to be manually started), it looks like it's now publishing updates again. 
Good morning,

If this is covered in another post, you can redirect me there. 

I was under the impression that if I pushed an "Intune App" assignment to a group, for example 8x8 7.10, that group would remain on that same version if I did NOT also add them as required to the 8x8 "Intune Updates" group.  I have no computer in the Intune Updates group for that application, however all computers in the Intune Apps group were updated to 7.11 this morning.  I'm guessing the issue lies in the Options of my Intune Apps group (picture attached). 

If that's the case, is the Intune Updates group redundant, then?  Is there a way to

Thank you in advance for any assistance in this.   

Hello.  Is it currently possible for the Patch My PC updater to find existing line of business updates and update them via the console?  For example, we have an existing Zoom lob app that is deployed to a number of machines.  Is there a way for the updater find that and update them, or must we remove that app and use the built in win32 from the console to be seen by the script?

Thank you.