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Nextcloud 3.4.2 x64 crashes Explorer while installing, uninstalling or upgrading

Started by weberd_cewe, February 28, 2022, 08:02:16 AM

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Hi There,

i'm experiencing an issue with the install / uninstall / upgrade of Nextcloud 3.4.2

The Explorer seem to crash while Nextcloud is (un-)installing. Open explorer windows close, my desktop turns grey and  the desktop icons and my taskbar disappear

I can reproduce this on multiple Win10 / 11 Clients, you can find one screenshot  showing the error in the attachment. I could fix this issue by starting the explorer by a post install script.

I wonder if there's some other solution to fix this because its kind of confusing for the user when the explorer restarts suddenly.

Thanks for your help in advance and greetings from Germany

Jake Shackelford (Patch My PC)

This seems incredibly frustrating to say the least:

Can you send the following logs to [email protected] ?

This may be found in the %temp% of the user who clicked 'Install' in Software Center if it was an 'Available' deployment.