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Auto install programs not working

Started by asavatisensei, August 03, 2020, 06:12:36 AM

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I added a program to test the install. I ran this from a batch file with /auto, but it just opens and closes immediately. I'm assuming you can set the programs you want I PMP to install and just let it run correct? I checked the program I wanted and right clicked to add to the ini file. The exe and ini are in the same folder location. log is below

8/3/2020 7:57:59 AM - Patch My PC Started
8/3/2020 7:57:59 AM - Checking connection to patchmypc.com
8/3/2020 7:58:00 AM - Verified connection to patchmypc.com. Status Code: 200
8/3/2020 7:58:00 AM - Getting latest definitions from patchmypc.com
8/3/2020 7:58:00 AM - Definition load completed in: 0.17 seconds
8/3/2020 7:58:00 AM - Patch My PC version is running. The latest is
8/3/2020 7:58:00 AM - Performing scan of installed applications
8/3/2020 7:58:00 AM - Scan completed in: 0.39 seconds