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Using it as a home user for some time. Liked the fast and hassle-free installation. The search is also fast. The problems I found are:
1. It does not check all the software installed on my PC, at least not included in any color (summary shows 29 checked)
2. It reported three software as needing update (red), but two of those are shown in green also, meaning updated, and actually I have the latest versions
3. It is showing at top that 28 out of 29 are updated, which seems to reflect the correct status stated at 2.
4. It showed SumatraPDF at version 3.3.3. and offered to update to 3.4.5 when the version I have got is 3.4.6

My version of PatchMyPc is at the latest status shown at your website. I have attached a screen snap to show the above.