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Recently discovered this awesome little freeware program and can't live without it now!


Please could you add it when you do your next update

Thank you!
Quote from: user1961 on April 06, 2018, 03:09:58 PM
You could set that in Options: If programs cannot be installed silently, should they still be installed? So everyone has the possibility to choose. If !yes! is selected, these programs could be installed last. These programs can also be underlined by color.

Sorry for my bad English

Awesome idea bro - would help make countless more apps compatible!
Excellent - in fact you should add a whole new category for CAD apps! :)

Would be great if you could include all of these = https://blog.g2crowd.com/blog/cad/10-open-source-free-cad-tools-download/ ;)
If it uses no resources, then all is good in da hood!
It wouldn't become bloated at all dude! Just add a highlight to some of the better apps!

Okay okay, recommending apps might be too complicated - but showing which are the most downloaded would be pretty easy! ;)

Then have an option to re-order apps in each category by their popularity = simples! ;D
Does JD2 still require Java to run?
I never noticed that lol - was there a reason why the file wasn't deleted immediately after install?
Agree! I like to keep all my portable programs in one specific folder...

Would having a tray icon mean PMPU would be continuously running in the background?