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Updater disappears off screen

Started by techfixes, October 09, 2021, 02:31:42 AM

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PatchMyPC Home Updater window doesn't appear but shoots off to the right of my 2nd screen. If I set my left hand screen to "main display" I can see the Updater again - set it back how I like it and the Updater refuses to
show again.

I have of course, completely removed the program and downloaded a fresh copy.

I should add that I did just install Win 11, although I did have this issue on Win 10 at one stage as well but that corrected itself after changes like the above. :( :( :( :(


Tried moving primary monitor back to the left monitor again, moved PatchMyPC to the other monitor, maximized, minimized, maximized again and then switched the monitors back.

Currently it is displaying normally.

It bothers me that this can happen at all - has never happened to me with any other app. Is it because it's a portable application?


Strange just had the same issue happen.  I just figured it was related to me using windows 11 on unsupported hardware, but apparently it isn't.  Did exactly what you did and it now works on both screens again.
What I do notice is a severe lag in the application window when sliding it from one monitor to another.

It bothers me as well.

Edit : And now its working again I had one update 7zip, installed it with patchmypc, and just after the message appeared it was done, explorer crashes on me and resets :-)  Fortunately patchmypc remains visible.  Windows 11 is such a mess lol.


This is hapening to me on Windows 10(my computer hs been rejected for Windows 11). Did try the switch of the screens, and was able to get application to a visible portion of my screens, to do updates that I had not been able to do.