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Hey Ben,

When we've seen this issue before, the cause was the icon.
Can you please try another icon and see if that does the trick?

We are working to improve the error message and make it clearer.
Hey CFreeman,

Unfortunately, there is no such option. You would have to create your own custom script that does that and specify it in the "Add custom pre/post scripts" right-click option.

Please note that when ConfigMgr/Intune does the install of the app/update you deployed, it will do so as the SYSTEM account.
You will have to configure the script to display the prompt for the logged-on user while the install execution is done as SYSTEM. This is not easy to achieve, and it can be a security risk, depending on how it's achieved.
Hello theresaellis,

This is something PMPC cannot provide support on.
However, to provide some information on this thread - you mentioned that you started hybrid-joining your devices in Intune.
You mentioned that "Co-management" isn't on.
What do you mean exactly? That Cloud Attach is not configured or that the workloads are set to "ConfigMgr"?

If you want to manage the "Compliance policies" from Intune, you need co-management in place and the co-management workload for "Client policies" moved to Intune.
And thank you for letting us know we missed this one.

Automation can break at times and cause us to miss an update, we are always grateful of our customers when they let us know!
The latest version is now part of our catalogue.
Hello muja1913,

Thank you for letting us know we missed this release.
Our automation broke for this software and failed to let us know a newer version is available.

It will be added to our catalog with today's release.
Hi Kevin,

Would it be possible to provide more details on what you are looking for?
We only support version 8.0 and the latest, which is 8.3.
We don't support version 8.1.

The applicability rule for version 8.3 (MSI-x64) is configured so it will not upgrade devices that have version 8.0 (x86) installed.
Hey Martin,

If the "failure" exit code - in your case, the user snooze option - is marked as "retry" in the win32 app properties, Intune retries the install every 5 minutes for 3 times, then every 24 hours.

If you'd like us to, collect these log files from the device and email them to our support inbox and we'll have a look.
The latest version of this software is now part of our catalogue.
Thank you for letting us know we missed this. It will be added with today's catalog release.
Providing a quick workaround for those that need to publish one app only, overriding the delay:

1. Go to the ConfigMgr app tab --> Options --> and uncheck the delay option --> OK
2. right-click on the software you want to immediately publish without delay and choose the "Publish this product during the next manual sync" right-click option.
3. Go to the "Sync Schedule" tab --> press the "Run Publishing Service Sync" button. You'll be presented with a prompt confirming that only the software you selected at Step #2 will be published.
4. Wait for the software to be published.
5. Once that software is published, go back to the ConfigMgr apps tab --> Options --> Enable the Delay option again.

Not the perfect workaround, but should be a viable one until we have a better option in place.
The process should be the same then.

Duplicate lines 189-201, modify them to copy your json and your new xml file.
It should work.
Let us know if it won't.
We recommend running a test on a few devices before deploying this to production.
Hello asgeirk,

Are the config files for those additional modules XML files as well?

If that's the case, you can specify those additional xml files in the "Additional files" section, and modify the script we use as an example to copy those additional file to the right destination path.

You can duplicate lines 189-201 and adjust them to account for your new configuration files.
That's definitely a step forward, thank you for the update!

If you run into any other issues, let us know!