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Thanks. After deleting all the .23 entries from the registry, perhaps overkill, PMPC is back to normal.
It's still showing .23, so I've disabled Opera for now, although until it's corrected on your end I'm not sure how it's going to go away. The current version since yesterday is shown at https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2023/10/opera-104-0-4944-33-stable-update/
Right now PMPC is showing Opera Stable 104.0.4944.23 in red, as if it needs updating. At the same time, its showing "No apps to install" and "35/35 Apps Up to Date!" During the past 24 hours, Opera has updated two or three times, including .28 and .33 (both labeled as stable versions).
Thanks. The main 102 problem has been fixed. I updated via PMPC because for some reason Opera itself said my 101 was the current version (registry entry left from previous try after system restore?). But right now, PMPC scan still shows Opera 101 needing update, except it also shows "No Software Selected." Not sure the way out of this.

The main issue I raised has to do with validity of Opera 102. Here's what one of the developers posted this morning (viewable at the OP link):

"We have currently disabled option to update to version 102 due to profile migration mechanism not working in some cases. It's still possible to manually download and install update."
The update for Opera 101 to the initial 102 public release has been disabled due to serious problems that they are working on resolving. Information can be found at https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2023/08/introducing-opera-102/

Is there a way in PMPC to disable an update so others can be done?
Run shows OpenVPN 2.5.7-I602 amd64, but Community site shows last update to 2.5.7 was in May. Windows versions showing get Modify/Repair/Remove pop up. https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/
Two issues: PMPC is showing PDF XChange Editor 9.4.363.0 in red, but without a way to update it (no software detected). In addition, my current version is .364.
The problem is a conflict between Program Files and AppData/Local installs. The current version is in the latter and the previous one in Program Files. PMPC is picking up contradictory results because it's taking the Program Files version for the scan, but showing the AppData one for the list on the left. I don't recall if I installed the previous version via PMPC, although I typically do. I've solved the problem on my end and thus the scan is fixed, but you might check why PMPC would get contradictory results.
For the past couple of days, PMPC scan has been reporting that my Vivaldi browser version needs updating, showing the last version number, 5.1.2567.57, while I have the current version installed and it shows as such in the list of browsers on the left (5.1.2567.66). Screenshot attached
I'm old enough to be able to say that I can't tell you how many hundreds of times I've been told that, only to turn out it really wasn't the vast majority of the time.

Ok, two questions working on the notion that it is local:
- What could be causing it for TeamViewer and only TeamViewer?
- PMPC Support person Adam Cook says he replicated it on a fresh VM: what might his and mine have in common that could lead to that result?

Thanks. Now I assume it will be taken care of.
The really odd thing, and why I think this is a bug, is that if I update Tv from inside its program, then PMPC no longer calls for an update. That means PMPC is seeing it, but not handling it correctly. Certainly not like it handles other programs.
In this case, where the new version is put in an appdata temp folder and there's no apparent evidence of it in the registry or in the CP's file list or RevoPro, I don't see where deleting is out of place.

The question remains, why didn't PMPC install the new version in \Program Files\Teamviewer? I would have expected PMPC to chime in by now.
Taken literally, that wouldn't work. Already done by deleting the temp location and running the program, leading to an update.