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Right now PMPC is showing Opera Stable 104.0.4944.23 in red, as if it needs updating. At the same time, its showing "No apps to install" and "35/35 Apps Up to Date!" During the past 24 hours, Opera has updated two or three times, including .28 and .33 (both labeled as stable versions).
The update for Opera 101 to the initial 102 public release has been disabled due to serious problems that they are working on resolving. Information can be found at https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2023/08/introducing-opera-102/

Is there a way in PMPC to disable an update so others can be done?
Run shows OpenVPN 2.5.7-I602 amd64, but Community site shows last update to 2.5.7 was in May. Windows versions showing get Modify/Repair/Remove pop up. https://openvpn.net/community-downloads/
Two issues: PMPC is showing PDF XChange Editor 9.4.363.0 in red, but without a way to update it (no software detected). In addition, my current version is .364.
For the past couple of days, PMPC scan has been reporting that my Vivaldi browser version needs updating, showing the last version number, 5.1.2567.57, while I have the current version installed and it shows as such in the list of browsers on the left (5.1.2567.66). Screenshot attached
Hey :)

It looks like they have updated all of their versions in response to Log4J.

We will look to get these new versions in the catalogue asap!
For the past week, Patch has shown TeamViewer 15.20.6 (x64) every day, even though it's installed -- a few times now! -- and a search finds no other version is anywhere else on my main drive. I thought maybe TeamViewer was having problems that needed repeated updates, but checking now that's not the case.
OpenVPN 2.5.2-I601 amd64 -- Showed yesterday and today. I've had this installed for some time & can't find any older copies

For the past five days or so, Vivaldi browser has shown in PMP as needing an update, and it seems to do complete it. But there it is again the next day. So after tonight's try, I opened Vivaldi and checked for updates. It said I needed the one that PMPC says had been installed. What I noticed tonight, though, was the message with the install: "Install complete Exit Code 7" (it must have been there before). Screenshot attached.
In updating Opera browser, I seemed to have bypassed a build of version 69 and now have 70.0.3728.71. Perhaps because that version 69 is not on my computer, Patch keeps coming up with it on the scans. However, it doesn't recognize it in the count of programs needing update, so isn't doing anything with it. It's just there every time in red.
Just recently, I've been twice prompted to update Opera 64 64-bit versions after I had already updated it to the current one via Opera's site. And Patch is showing Ccleaner as v. 5.62 and needing 5.63, when Ccleaner itself is showing 5.63. A screenshot of Patch vs. Ccleaner is attached.
I have three programs that show updates available and I check two of them on the left for updating, and down below it shows that two will be updated, invariably only one is. The other is now unchecked and has to be checked again to update.  This is happened several times with this version, but tonight I finally watched to be sure that I was really happening. Version and Win 10 Pro x64. Am I missing something?
Presumably, I'm not the first to ask if it's possible to disable a single program from being updated (or maybe even checked), but I didn't find anything via a search. Is there a guide or thread for that somewhere?  Thanks,