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If you right-click on a software in the list, you can select to not scan for it.
AspNet is used for web development, so it might be the core hosting bundle
If you check the uninstall section of PMPC, are there multiple instances of foobar listed?
If so remove all of them and re-install the latest one.
Quote from: Raunak Desai (Patch My PC) on October 26, 2023, 04:38:51 AMWe have updated the url, and it's correct now. :)

I can confirm the fix, thanks for fixing ;)
PMPC only updates the EXE version I think, since the MSI version is developed for companies, which may deploy software through Active Directory, which only supports MSI.
General Questions (Free Home Updater) / Re: PowerShell
September 13, 2023, 09:40:31 PM
PMPC has a build in scheduler, so you can schedule the run at a time where your mom is normally logged on.
In addition the task is run if a run is missed.
As far as I can tell portable applications are not scanned, they are just downloaded.
I have never used that feature, just made a simple test, where only the ZIP file was downloaded.
There is a context menu for all applications listed, see image below.
Seems that one was installed with the MSI installer and one with the EXE.
Remove both and install with PMPC.
Initially any application that PMPC knows will be updated.
If you do not want to update a specific application, you can select to exclude it from scanning.
See https://ideas.patchmypc.com/ if it is already requested and if not request it.
Sometimes the old release of a program must be removed manually.
In general PMPC is just the executable.
So if you have a copy of the old EXE just replace the new EXE.
Just make sure to disable the auto update.
I did not meant to search in the log file, I meant to search the whole internet.