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Messages - Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

What is the edition of Windows 10 you are running?
Hi There,

Could you please attach the following logs in the two points below via our support case here (https://patchmypc.com/technical-support)?


This will ensure we have all the details to know what's going on here.

Adam Cook will be in touch via email once we have these logs via case.

You could use - Report 05 here https://patchmypc.com/free-software-update-compliance-dashboard-reports-for-microsoft-sccm. I don't think we would show device level in the scan wizard as that is really only designed to help you determine what apps you want to enable and would likely cause a lot more perf impact in the scan tool.
Let me know if once clients get on 2010 if it helps that small percentage still having issues.
Do application installs work via CMG? What build of ConfigMgr are you on? I know 2010 fixed some issues.
Did you check if the delta download is enabled from that first KB?
Uninstall isn't supported on all applications, and this is one that doesn't support it. We will look at improving the name in the next update.
It really comes down to how often the ADR's evaluate, we actually have a specific point about this question documented here can you let me know if this helps https://patchmypc.com/how-to-use-automatic-deployment-rules-adrs-with-patch-my-pc#topic7

Quote from: Rustee12 on November 04, 2020, 06:12:53 AM
Hi - we're currently demo'ing PatchMyPC and loving it so far, I can see so much time savings with this product!

I've run into a scenario that I'm wondering how best to approach it - today we are synching just a couple of products from the catalog to MECM as we demo the product.  We have one SUG created for our PatchMyPC products and have an ADR that was set to run daily.  Last night a new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC hit the SUG, and our pilot deploys received the updated Reader due to the deployments being active.  In theory this is exactly what one would want - new product hits, syncs, deploys and worked as expected since my ADR was set to run daily for PatchMyPC products.

Where the thinking begins is - for our environment we have a 'stage 1/2/3' that we follow for all deploy over a couple of weeks and is a tried and highly successful method that our CRB is on board with.  If we maintain 1 SUG, with our deploys already set, I seemingly lose my ability to leverage my various stages?  Even if I modify the ADR to only run night of patch Tuesday/morning following I can still have the updates hitting and bypassing our validation.

I'm thinking I am going to need to create a new SUG monthly?  Is this right?

Future me is going to be working with my CRB to try and sway them to the side of 'patching is routine, products x, y, z will just auto patch', my only question on that will be the scheduling of deploys on the SUG, since if I get into this routine and 1 SUG, it will still bypass our validation.

Wondering if anybody has any ideas of how to approach this? 
If you delete the app in Intune and re-sync does the new version detect okay?
Did the latest update fix this for you?
It's probably downloading the blocked page with how your filter is returning the URL.
If you browse to that URL is there a web filter blocking it on your server?
You can duplicate the update and then publish the duplicated update to test it a new update will fix the issue.