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Messages - Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

I will consider adding this back keep in mind that the checkboxs for skipping setting will save the settings so when you run it again it will automatically skip the update if it was checked before.

Quote from: Clever Mind on February 21, 2012, 08:36:04 PM
Quote from: Justin on February 20, 2012, 01:47:28 PM
There are checkboxs in the options panel to always skip certain common updates.

Hello Justin:

You are correct and I know of that location.  I would rather not go to another panel and select which update that I may or may not want to be ignored now or in the future.

I liked the way it was when I could just right click and say skip and then next time not skip.  Both options could be made available in the program.

Thank You
There are checkboxs in the options panel to always skip certain common updates.
Thanks for pointing that out. I must have forgot to remove the MD5 hashes check on the website. Version and above are digitally signed (Justin Chalfant) to verify integrity.
Thanks!  :P
It may be hung up running in the background. Open task manager and close the process chrome.exe
This issue has been fixed. Please re-download 2.0.8 and let me know if it works ok please



Quote from: adec on February 01, 2012, 01:29:15 PM

When I change the language to french, I've got an error ; I've the latest version and tried on 2 PC : XP and W7.
thanks for your help,
I'm not having a issue on my machines downloading the Adobe Reader update are you able to download the file by this link? ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/10.x/10.1.2/en_US/AdbeRdr1012_en_US.exe

Quote from: ppb1701 on January 23, 2012, 07:45:31 AM
Last couple of adobe reader updates I've tried running  on some of my pc's I keep getting.  It'll update if I go pull the update installer manually and run it, but was curious what was happening

Patch My PC | Definitions - 1.20.2012 | Started At 9:37:24 AM
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium  x64


Downloading Adobe Reader 50 MB
Adobe Reader download failed
Unable to find Adobe Reader install file
Update may have failed




Try clicking reset settings then skip reader.
I started working on adding German in the next version of PMPC. I haven't been able to find the full offline installer file for Yahoo Messenger do you know where this can be downloaded?

In theory, This would be fairly easy to implement, but I most likely will not have a local definitions file in any version. The reason is because PMPC already gets false detected as a virus by some anti virus venders (This is why the next version will be digitally signed to help reduce this problem.), and I have to submit a false positive claim for each indecent. If a user changed the download location to a virus for example PMPC would be detected by a virus much more often.

When different languages are supported it will check for the current version that PMPC checks for sorry about that; I know some users still aren't ready to move to the Java 7 updates yet although Java 6 is neat end of life.

Quote from: GOSPY4EVER on January 14, 2012, 02:45:13 AM
Hello Justin

The following apps are different in my language (German): (as far as I know)

-  Adobe Reader
-  Mozilla Firefox
-  Microsoft Security Essentials
-  Real Player
-  Yahoo Messenger
-  Mozilla Thunderbird

The ideal solution would be if you include a switch in your software to let the user specify his own definitions.xml file. So everybody could maintain his own update "timetable". For example, I want to stay at JAVA version 6 at the moment and update only this version (updates are still available) - so instead of disable this software in Patch My PC I could specify the link to the JAVA 6 Updates. And of course for the programs mentioned above I could specify the download link to the german versions.

What do you think? Is it possible to implement this "private" definitions.xml thing?


Thanks for the post. I do intend to eventually add XML definitions for other languages. That was one of the reasons I created a XML file so the download location could be changed. I would say German may be supported in PMPC 2.0.9 around March 1st. Could you list what products would be available in German you would like?


Quote from: GOSPY4EVER on January 12, 2012, 12:54:20 PM

Great Software - but what about other languanges? Some of the standard programs are language-independant like JAVA or Flashplayer. But some are different for every language. If you would maintain some additional XML-Files at http://patchmypc.net/documents/definitions.xml like definitions-DE.xml or definitions-FR.xml and the GUI would give you the option to set a preferred language, it would be perfect! Or let the user specify his own local definitions.xml file. So I could adjust the download links to my preferred langauge.

The definitions-DE.xml file would then look like

<!-- Links For Critical Update Downloads -->

Thanks for your reply

Do you have duplicate entry's in add/remove programs? If not then google chrome didn't delete version 14 information in the registry when it was upgraded.
Thanks for giving feedback! Well Java Run time 6 will only be uninstalled if you run PMPC in non silent mode. You should receive a popup asking you if you would like to uninstall Java 6. If you would like to customize the location you want to install updates disable silent install in the options panel this will allow you to perform the install after the update is downloaded.

Quote from: quicksilva on January 09, 2012, 10:46:48 PM
Hi Justin:

As promised, I tested out PMPC on my laptop which is running Windows XP PRO_SP3.  The option to install outdated optional updates by default option does work when set in the GUI and run by the command prompt with the /s switch.  The following APPS on my laptop, which were outdated, were updated to the latest version with the exception of FoxIT reader (more on this later):
...  Flash AX (no issues)
...  CCleaner (no issues)
...  MBAM  (no issues)
...  Notepad ++ (no issues)
...  Firefox (installed to C and original installation on D remained-Two entries in Add/Remove programs)
...  JRE V7u2 (installed to C and JRE V6u29 remained on D-Both entries in Add/Remove programs)
...  Silverlight (installed to C)  No problem for me here as I usually install Micro$oft programs to C drive anyway.
...  FoxIT PDF reader.  This was odd.  PMPC tried to update but appeared to get stuck on version  Tried several times via command prompt with /s switch and same thing.  Also tried using the GUI and same thing.  I then ran the FoxIT PDF program itself and tried updating from that program.  Usually it will uninstall itself but this time it would NOT.  I landed up uninstalling it via the add/remove programs, and then installing a newer version (to D drive).  Once I did that, I reran the FoxIT program and another update was available which I installed successfully using the update routine in that program.  The latest update is V5.1.4.0104.   I think the problem here was with the FoxIT software and not PMPC based upon what I experienced.

Hope the above helps.

You were certainly right! I fixed this issue re-download and optional updates should be applied when running silently if the auto apply optional software is checked.