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Remove DriverEasy

Started by Peace2000, June 01, 2024, 04:22:01 AM

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I suggest removing DriverEasy from the app. It's not free anymore since v. 6.0.0. In the previous version 5.8.1, you could download drivers with low speed in free version but in the latest version you cannot do that anymore. It's in practice not free anymore at all.

It's not worth to have that kind of software in PMP.


I agree, given the recent changes in DriverEasy's pricing and functionality, it seems prudent to reconsider its inclusion in the PMP. The shift from a partially free model to a fully paid model in version 6.0.0, where even basic functionality is limited, undermines its utility as a free tool. Users rely on accessibility and functionality in project management software, so this change is significant.